Thursday, April 27, 2017

1950-1 PM Shop Notes

As mentioned earlier I will try do an occasional upload of older PM Shop Notes plans and ideas. I have found browsing around the web that many of the plans and ideas around the web, passed of as "new", are really updated or modified versions of many of the ideas in the shop notes of old popular mechanics and popular science magazines. There are others ("Model Engineering" comes to mind) but these were the most prolific, for this type of information. Long before the recycle and reuse movement of today, these old plans and ideas often put alot of emphasis on the reuse and re-purposing of salvaged and worn out items to keep the costs of pursuing these interests low.

Today I put together a pdf of the first couple dozen pages of my 1950 PM Shop Notes compilation. There are some very interesting plans and info here for the workshop enthusiast.

The first is a great jig plan for a shaper sled. The second is a very complete article on vapor zone grinding including plans. For the wood machine purist the third is a massive 24" disk and oscillating spindle sander, completely made from plywood. For the metalworker with a vertical metal cutting bandsaw, there is a very good article on cutting complicated shapes that rival castings.You will also find a few other good ideas for around the shop.

To download the 18 page pdf click the link below.