Sunday, April 23, 2017

Binding Workshop Manuals

I love old tech. and workshop project manuals, preferably in paper bindings. Lindsay Publications was my favorite source for years. Unfortunately with the advent of computer downloads he is now out of business. I have a computer in my workshop and many gigabytes of this kind of subject matter on disc., but it is just not the same as a paper manual at your side on the workbench. Over the years I have worked out a quick and easy method of making durable paper manuals from my manuals on file.

It's a quick process, these 4 manuals took less than 2 hours from disc to ready to use. The file is first printed off in two sided duplex mode. Set a 3/4" binding offset for 8.5 X 11" and select full page coverage (great for us site challenged older folks). I use durable card stock for the front and back covers.

Carefully align the printed manual and staple the spine every 1 1/2" from both sides alternating each staple. For 22 or less double sided pages, a desk stapler will do. For larger manuals I use a shop stapler with 1/2" staples using a soft pine board as a backer.

After the manual is stapled I flatten the staples on a shop anvil I made from a broken salvaged vise. This compresses the paper stack and you can hardly feel the staples are there.

To finish up I put two offset layers of heavy duty "Gorilla" duct tape over the spine and trim the ends.

All done, the manuals are very durable for use around the shop and hold up better than the paperback copies available in the marketplace.

Hope someone found this interesting or useful.