Sunday, April 30, 2017

Classic Inspired Workbench

I began playing around with ideas for this bench a couple of years ago. I researched many books and web articles on old time bench styles and some of the benches being made on the web today. I liked the old work holding vises, the double screw (Moxon) and leg vises, but I also liked the quick adjust more modern woodworking vise. I liked the idea of lots of different clamping options, for muscle powered tool woodworking and patternmaking and all the other uses workbenches are put to. I have a good collection of F and C clamps, the idea of wall mounted clamp racks never really appealed to me and my shop space is not suited to a mobile rack. I decided a clamp rack incorporated into the bench instead of cabinetry would be a good alternative and having lots of smaller clamps close at hand appealed to me. Eventually I settled on a design I was happy with. Just before starting the build I reduced the length from 84" to 78", after taking some measurements of the space available for comfortable work around the bench and shop.

This is a picture of the finished workbench minus a durable finish.

My working design sketch for the workbench.

For the full build document please click the link below.