Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Home Training In Cabinet Work No. 1

Gustav Stickley was a very popular furniture builder in the early part of the last century and advocate of the Craftsman ("Arts and Crafts" style) movement of the time. From 1901 to 1916 he was the owner and editor of " The Craftsman" a very popular magazine of the time, Not only the Stickley style of furniture but also craftsmen home designs, sculpture, architecture and culture were covered, in the US and also in many countries around the world.

The magazines are all available for download in large volumes on the Internet Archive site. Buried in those volumes is a set of 30 articles he authored titled "Home Training In Cabinet Work". He does not offer much in the line of instruction but the pages offer many designs of basic Stickley furniture, his view point being that you learn best by getting your hands in there and doing it. He includes a good sprinkling of more advanced designs like a Morris chair and many rustic outdoor furniture plans.

The first article is longer at 17 pages as he introduces the series of articles and makes some interesting comments on craftsmanship. I will try to upload all 30 articles, 1 every Wednesday, in pdf format.
To download the first article click the link below.