Tuesday, April 18, 2017

30" Belt Sander/Grinder

As mentioned in the previous post, this was the second casting project I completed before winter set in. Actually winter got ahead of me and forced me to cast the project in my garage/workshop.

The project is a twin 30" belt sander/grinder. I have always wanted a smaller version of the heavier machines that are available. The problem is I have not found one available in a small size and the large ones are very expensive and designed for heavy metal removal.

The project worked out better than expected, It gets used almost every time I am in the shop. Its great for small work. In a recent workbench build project, it was used daily to finish small metal parts, clean and touch up small tools, center punches, drill bits and chisels. It was great for finishing small wood parts such as pointing and finishing the wood pegs used in the joinery.

Like the furnace This is a longer build so I created a dedicated page for it accessed at the link below: