Thursday, May 4, 2017

1950-2 PM Shop Notes

Here is a second installment of shop notes from the 1950 Popular Mechanics magazines. In this 14 page pdf you will find a couple nice plans for sheet metal circle cutters. I have a similar design that I use for larger wood circle cutouts, works great. An adjustable jig for a shaper fence, a nice dust control lathe bench and an easily built box joint jig. I used this jig to build a set of bunk beds for my boys years ago and it produced easy snug joints and it is simple and inexpensive so you can make more than one for different spacings. And lastly there are 2 large articles on wood bending by kerfing and a nice article on using wood taps and screw boxes.

One of the sheet metal circle cutters.

So enjoy. To download the PDF please click the link below