Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A Spring Walk Around The Property

Except for some snow in the wooded areas the property is now snow free and relatively dry. I decided today to take a few pictures and see what kind of damage the past windy winter inflicted on the tree growth.

In front of the house looking toward the entrance off of municipal road.

Looking toward the east and the exit to the road/trail at the corner of the open area.

Looking north to one of a couple rock outcrops common to Canadian shield geography.

When I cleared and landscaped the 8 acres or so around the house, alot of the excavated material was used to build a looped access road/trail down to a small creek and old homestead site on the property. The next picture is the upper access point to the trail near the house. It runs in a loop about 1/2 mile long.

This is where the old homestead site was. There is still a sand point pipe sticking out of the ground where I filled in the old basement dugout. This area was developed after WWII when homesteads were dolled out to returning war veterans. Over the years newer generations moved on and properties were sold or abandoned. In the 50's the area was quite active, the homestead on my property was the post office for the area and my neighbours place used to be an active community center.

Right along side is a small creek, flowing well this time of year. My property is divided in half by the municipal road, this creek flows through a large culvert under the road and feeds 3 small beaver dams on the lower half of the property. I often see moose feeding on rushes around the beaver dams and bears are often seen crossing the property in that area.

A rotting old tree trunk is my current bridge ☺ but when I get my tractor running again, the plan is to build a small 3-4 ft. dam and a nice little bridge. The area just upstream from this point widens into a nice 1 1/2 acre shallow that would make a nice pond. The dream is to one day build a nice little cottage in this area overlooking the pond, for rent or family use. Beautiful spot in both summer and winter.

When I built the road I built a couple turn around areas for the tractor. With the grass starting to grow in, the plan is to build some nice rustic benches for these areas.

So this is all the damage I found and this was all my fault. The ground level was raised almost 2 ft. in this area and in the process I hit these 2 trees a few to many times with my bucket. Consequently they died and dried out, the wind had its way with one this past winter. I will take the other down and trim both stumps to 18" to support a nice big outdoor bench.

This is a small road I built into a area of mature wood but the main reason was to fill in an old bear den just 300 ft. from the house. An old tree had fallen over many years ago and the uprooted stump had formed a large cavity under it. It wasn't occupied my first winter but it did get used by a mother and 2 cubs one year. All the noise I make has convinced them that I"m a little to close but just to make sure I filled it in and dropped a couple big boulders on top. Seen to the left at the end of the road in the picture.

 And the loop completed back to the house.

Hope you enjoyed my little walk around. I will do a longer walk in the fall, the fall colors are always blazingly great.