Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Cabinet Work #4,5,And 6

The "Home Training In Cabinet Work" files are getting smaller so I will upload three at a time for the rest of the series. Today in #4 is a collection of home furniture a book shelf, table, chest and clock, all distinctly "Stickley", accompanied  by his insights and words of wisdom.

Download #4 in pdf at the following link:

# 5 is a very nice write up on furniture grade woods, its nature and grain characteristics, the sawing and drying of furniture grade woods and even some tips and advise on finishing.

Download #5 in pdf at the following link:

And #6 today has 4 very nice projects first a couple of nice desks suitable for many uses, A large very "Stickley" dining table and a comfortable looking chair.

To download #6 in pdf please click the following link: 

If your following this series enjoy.