Thursday, May 11, 2017

Downed Tree Clean-Up

So loaded the chainsaw in my yard truck and took the long way around my trail loop to clean up the downed tree mentioned 3 posts ago. Going by the creek found the top had been blown off a huge 100'  popular at a fork in the trunk.

Got it cleaned up, the popular was so big some of the branches were 6" in diameter. This area has some large 20" dia. + pine and spruce as well. Probably should harvest some before the wind blows them over.

Cleaned up the downed dead pine and cut the second dead pine beside it. I left 20" of trunk to allow for leveling when I build a bench which they will support. Should make a nice reading spot on hot summer days.

Well that worked up a good sweat but as can be seen in the back of the truck, I got my start on this years firewood. Seed and fertilizer tomorrow if the weather holds up.