Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Popular Mechanics Shop Notes 1930-31-32

You may be able to tell by now that I love the old PM shop notes. As mentioned in another post I have the Algrove Publishings reprint of the 1905-1930 shopnotes volumes, 1930 is actually 1929 content. I also have half a dozen originals from the 30's and 40's but they are rare and pricey. For those interested in some of the pre-1930 volumes WK Fine Tools.Com has a dozen of them for free download at the following link:

A decade ago Google had access to every pre 2000 Popular Mechanics magazine published back to 1905. I made up a pdf  volume of shop notes for every year from 1930 to the 70's. Each volume is between 150 and 200 pages and 30 to 40 megs each, to large for my slow connection to upload. So what I have done as seen in my 1950 upload is make a small pdf of 30-40 pages of the best info., ideas and plans for each year to upload, 1950 was exceptional, I had to make three for that year. So I will start with 1930 and work my way up into the 70's. 

To get started I will upload 1930-31 and 32. Here's the link for 1930:

To download 1931 Shop Notes this link:

And the 1932 volume can be accessed at this link:

If you like this stuff like I do for its practical and/or entertainment value, enjoy.