Friday, May 12, 2017

Yard Equipment Hack

After I completed the expansion of my lawn area by 6-7 acres last year, my 25 lb. capacity walk behind seed and fertilizer spreader wasn't going to cut it. Tow behind 100 lb. + capacity spreaders were on sale at places like Princess Auto but being that time of year no body had any in stock. I decided to modify my little 25lb'er to do the job. I first cut a 5 gallon pail in half and attached it to the top of the spreader with screws, nuts and washers. It was a nice snug fit.

I replaced the small wheels with large Princess Auto surplus wheels I had in stock. The idea being to keep the spreader gearbox from overloading at the higher tow speeds. The coverage will remain the same by opening the feed gate wider.

I removed the push handle and replaced it with a bent piece of tubing to keep the frame solid. The tow frame was bent up from 1 1/2" by 1/8" strap steel and bolted to the frame in 4 places to keep everything rigid. 2-5/16" shackles completes the tow hitch.

The spreader works great and will take 50 lb. of seed or fertilizer and criss crossing 6-7 acres took an afternoon as opposed to days. Got almost done this springs application today, till storm clouds rolled in.  Here's a picture I took last year.