Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1939 And 1940

Here's another two larger highlights, just too many neat projects, jigs and articles to pass up. Both have lots of metal lathe jigs and projects, metalworking plans and woodworking projects including a nice article on jointer knife sharpening. There is a great looking panel sanding machine in the 1939 issue, looks better than some versions I have seen in places like Fine Woodworking. Love to build this one some time.I have had the chance to buy a commercial unit at auction, but would rather build one for my needs. In the 1940 issue there is a nice article on home casting "From Pattern To Casting". You'll find the basics of getting started in this hobby here.Great stuff.

Here is the link to 1939.

And here's the link for 1940.