Thursday, June 15, 2017

RR Anvil Finished

So I got two coats of Tremclad high heat flat black enamel on the anvils yesterday and except for the stands they are finished. The RR anvil has a very nice clear ring to it, the built up sheet metal anvil is a little more muffled because of the hollow body. They both look great and should serve me well for the kind of light work I want to do. Of course a power hammer is another plan in addition to the forge that is making its way to the forefront. Here are the pictures.

The reworked sheet metal anvil and the new RR anvil.

All the different views of the RR anvil.

And these are the four anvils I now have. The blue one is a "Record" cast steel anvil, small but tough little guy. The straight piece is from a broken large vise I salvaged from the scrap yard, I trimmed it up and have been using it for many years for small jobs like straightening nails and cold working small metal shapes.

Hope someone got something from this build. As before the full build documentation is at this link.

Or click on the link in the page menu.