Sunday, July 23, 2017

Books - Woodworking - Metalworking

Still with the basics, here are two more great little books for novices starting out with woodworking and metalworking hobbies.

The first one is "Wood-Working For Amateur Craftsman" it was published by Popular Mechanics press and is one of the clearest explanations of the basics of good woodworking practice that I have come across. Proper use of the handsaw, planes, squaring procedures, labeling, and marking out the work are all clearly covered, with lots of good illustrations. You are then led through the building of 6 simple to more complex projects. The emphasis in the building is on the proper procedures of working the wood with basic hand tools, more so, than the projects themselves. No power tools here but I think it is still a good thing to learn how to work wood with hand tools, before advancing to power tools. And of course some of the best craftsman out there avoid power tools like the plague. Very good basic knowledge.

The second book "First Lessons In Metalwork" is not as exciting as some I have seen but it is a nice clean older copy with good basic information. A good part of the book deals with smithing work and covers the working and composition of different metals, cast iron, wrought iron, and steel. there is a chapter on heat treatment and touches on drilling, sawing, filing, and soldering. It,s older but the smithing information is timeless.

Both books can be downloaded on the Books - Free Downloads page.