Sunday, July 30, 2017

Breezeway Roof Beams Complete.

So finished and took a couple of pictures just as the thunder rolled in. Completed the third support beam today. I'll be happy to put the ladders behind me, ha ha. There are a couple of small jobs yet at the garage and house joints and then I can start with the rafters. here are a couple of pictures.

The entry way is 9'1" X 7'3", from the top of the entry to the peak is 4'. It is another project but this will be lots of room to store my canoe on a couple of pulleys and a small boat winch.

Just checked my e-mail there are hundreds of beautiful Russian women who want to meet me (O BOY) and apparently Tesla invented a generator that can power your house, it doesn't require fuel or maintenance. He forgets to tell you that you have to eat 50 lbs. of beans every day so you can pass gas into the intake every 5 seconds. LOL.