Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Home Training In Cabinet Work # 28, 29 And 30

In this set of articles a number of interesting plans for around the house. This completes the articles in this series. Stickley published a number of other article series in the Craftsman magazine, including some on sheet metal tinwork for around the house. I may upload more in the future if there is interest for them.

In # 28 there is plans for a stool, arm chair and table in a solid unique design. Here's the link.

In # 29 find plans for a wall cabinet, folding card table and a blast from the long past a phonograph and record stand. Here's the link.

And in the last of the series are plans for a nice table/desk, a screen and a bookcase/cupboard. Here's the link.

If anyone is interested in Stickley designs and "The Craftsman" magazine and would like to see more plan type articles, message me and I will try to put together a few more files to upload in the future.