Saturday, July 29, 2017

Jig And Fixture Design Manual- Henriksen

Muscles are feeling it today, so take it easy today. Here is a great book on jig and fixture design. published in 1973 by Industrial Press Inc., it covers the subject very well. There are many good older books on jig and fixture design, a much fewer number of newer books on the subject, CNC, CAD, and CAM have reduced there importance in production work. But for the advanced machinist and home hobbyist, including woodworking set-ups, there are many good ideas in this manual for producing repeat set-ups, lacking computerized machine control. Lots of good pictures and illustrations without to much math theory. The book is available in PDF on the Internet Archive site, but it is a much much larger file than this djvu file at 12.7 MB.

Download "Jig And Fixture Design Manual" on my Books - Free Downloads page.