Monday, July 17, 2017

Porch Siding Installed

So I got the siding installed this afternoon. Turned out very well, the line-up to the house siding was bang on. I couldn't match the color of the J mold since the siding was all custom order back when I built the house, but I am happy with the slight contrast of this J mold.

The project is complete except for a coat of stain. Turned out very solid, a little overbuilt but I like overbuilt, all 4 X 4's would have been sufficient but the 6 X 6's for the main supports give the design a beefy look and long life. The eave extensions are a little larger than is normal for a structure this size but they keep the inside dryer, save for wind driven rain, and keep the foundation dryer. Here's some pictures.

I thoroughly enjoyed this project, even the sore muscles from the roofing,  had given it 3 weeks so I got a week to spare. I will post an up-date when I get the stain applied to the exposed wood.