Sunday, July 9, 2017

Porch To House Tie-In

Well I didn't get to much accomplished yesterday, storms started to roll through early. I did complete one of the more important details of this build, the porch to house tie in. The roof support posts need to be solidly tied to the house to prevent roof separation and give stable support. I wanted to do this with as little infringement on the house as possible. My solution was two 4 X 4 posts solidly attached at the foundation and at the top plate and truss level. When I built the place all foundation, wall studs and roof trusses were vertically lined up on 24" centers, the porch framing was also lined up to these centers, so it was easy to solidly attach at the foundation, the top wall plate and solidly to the roof trusses. Aside from cutting access at the soffit, there was minimal invasion on the house and there is 1.5" clearance the full length to allow siding work if ever necessary.

I didn't get a picture but I put up a temporary roof beam to determine slope and determine the position of the tie in. The slope will be a little less than 6/1 or 2' rise for 12' run the house is 12/4.

Turned out to be an easy, minimally invasive, solid tie.