Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Roofing Over The Breezeway

So on to the next project. I have wanted to roof over the breezeway between the house and garage/workshop for many years. Winter has always been a problem with the drifts blowing in and I would much prefer to park under a roofed open area than the garage, freeing up the garage for a heated dedicated workshop for rougher work, welding, casting, forging etc. The breezeway is half crushed stone and half patio with patio stones occupying a 20' X 23' area. The patio area will be roofed over.

When I purchased the patio stones I was told not to drive on them, that they would crack. I installed them with a 6" crushed stone base, well leveled and compacted. I then put 2" of fine screened sand on top of that, well leveled. It has been in place for 10 years now, I have driven on them with a loaded truck many times including unloading a heavy mill/drill on them and never cracked a stone.

So I have 3 options, 1. I can remove them and pour a 4" concrete pad, 2. I can keep them in place and pour a 2-3" veneer pad on top or 3. I could just go with the patio stones. I don't want to waste the patio stones so I will go with leaving them in place and if I find need for it I can always add a 2-3" veneer later.

So I picked up my materials order today except for the roofing shingles, pick those up when I am ready to install them.

I got started yesterday, removing the railing and privacy screen and framing on the back railing. The posts were installed 4-5' deep and have not moved, so I left them in place and will be built up to height with new posts and scabs. I dug the holes for the 4 main central support posts, they will be 6 X 6's and concreted in. The outside posts will be attached to the house and garage. The roof slope will match the outdoor equipment shed (at the back, on the left in the picture) 7' at the back rising to 11'4" at the front to match the garage peak.

Forecast is rain tomorrow so I will probably concrete the main posts Thursday.