Thursday, July 13, 2017

Soffit Installed

Still nursing some sore muscles from yesterday, didn't work to hard today. Installed the soffit on the eaves and closed up the end roof slopes. I am not insulating the porch or closing it up, so no need for vented soffit, I went with 3/8" exterior grade plywood well supported on all edges. It will get painted or if it looks ok, a coat of redwood stain which I have lots of, later. The fascia boards will be brown aluminum to match and tie in to the house. Here are a few pictures.

So I will install the fascia tomorrow and sheath the interior roof. If all goes well I will build the closed in railing over the weekend. I considered an open railing with spindles but then I thought that I may want to install screen panels in the summer or plexiglass panels in winter to cut the wind, so closed below the railing will provide more future options.