Friday, July 21, 2017

The Inexpensive Basics For the Novice Blacksmith.

To get started with some free downloads for various workshop interests, here is a great little book and a picture and idea compilation for the novice smithing enthusiast who does not have a lot of money to get started with this hobby.

The first one is a book published by Intermediate Technology Publications, "Basic Blacksmithing With Local Materials". This book was intended for the advancement of these trades in developing nations where materials and funds for these activities can be a challenge. The book is clearly written and illustrated with step by step methods for making your own tools and the different operations involved in shaping metal. There is good information on the use of salvaged metals and there properties. The goat skin bellows and hearth forge probably will not be of much interest, but the next compilation has some inexpensive ideas for these. And yes all the work demonstrated is done on a RR anvil.

The next file, "Scrounging Metal And Survival Blacksmithing" is a compilation of  pictures and ideas gathered and assembled from around the web. Some of the pictures are more entertainment than useful. It was many years ago so I can.t remember where I downloaded it from, and the file gives no indication of its source either. In any case it covers some inexpensive forges and sources of materials, the back half has lots of good info on basic metal shaping and forge work.

These two files contain all the basic information a novice would need to get started, inexpensively. both of these files can be downloaded on the free download page at this link. Books - Free downloads