Thursday, August 24, 2017

Apron Poured

So I finally got the apron poured today. Planning your pour and preparing all your materials ahead of time will save you a few problems when playing with concrete.In the first picture I dug out the gravel and installed the form , leveled it lengthwise. It's important to put a slope in the apron so water drains away from the entrance and foundation. I put a 1" in 2' slope on the apron.

All poured and finished.

The apron is 3" thick by 2' wide and 20' long, I considered adding some steel but a pad this long and narrow is going to crack steel or no steel. So I saved my steel and instead cut two control joints at the entrance posts. If it cracks it should crack along these control joints, I can then caulk the joint with a flexible caulk to prevent the freeze/thaw cycle from widening the crack.

It's supposed to be nice this weekend hopefully finish the stain and get the electrical done.