Monday, August 14, 2017

Copper Work - Rose

I spent the first 6 years of life in the central highlands of Portugal, home of the Lusitanians. One memory I have of the time is the yearly visit to our village of the tinsmith. He would arrive with his tools and materials on a mule and set up in a corner of my grandfathers bar. The people of the village would come to him with their orders for the tinware they required. I used to sit and watch him work for hrs., producing amazing vessel shapes and hardware with a few tools and sheet material. When he was done he would pack up his mule and move on to the next village.

I mention the above story because this memory comes back every time I look at this book. "Copper Work" by A.F. Rose is a great little book on sheet metal work Its amazing the variety of vessel shapes and flat work that can be produced with a few hand tools, time and imagination. This book, though small, covers the subject very well with lots of design diagrams and pictures of finished work. Here are some page images.

You can download "Copper Work" on my Books - Free Downloads page.

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