Wednesday, August 23, 2017

First Coat On The Back

Rain and cool weather is to last into tomorrow, makes it hard to do concrete and stain work. I did manage a couple hrs. yesterday between downpours to apply the first coat on the back exposed wood. Went with dark maple to match the front and aluminum trim.

So one more coat on the fresh air workshop and two on the porch, a concrete apron and were done. I'll putter away with the door ideas as time allows. I like the plastic lattice it is tough as hell and easy to work with. I love the open porch but to cut drifting and wind driven snow in winter I may consider making up removable lattice panels and I will be installing a half height dutch door as well for the same reason. Flies are only a problem at dusk and at night so screening is not high on my list.

So a very productive summer, I'm due for a couple weeks vacation then I'd like to rebuild the Startrite metal band saw I got earlier this year, before I get into my fall chores (again already wow lol).