Thursday, August 24, 2017

Five Hundred And Seven Mechanical Movements

The weather has finally cleared up, hopefully pour the apron today. In the meantime here is some old time eye candy. If proliferation is any indication "Five Hundred And Seven Mechanical Movements" is quite popular even today. Lindsay Publications sold many reprinted copies and I have seen it in the used market, it is also available for download on a number of sites around the web.

This is a nice clean copy digitized by Google which I have further cleaned up by repackaging the pdf. Lots of old mechanical movements, the principles of mechanical advantage haven't changed in the intervening years, just modernized to suit the advanced designs of modern machines. Lots of good ideas here that can still be utilized by the diy'er. Each mechanism is accompanied by a short description.

You can download 507 Mechanical Movements on my Books - Free Downloads page.

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