Tuesday, August 8, 2017

"Handyman's Workshop And Laboratory"

The forecast looks better for tomorrow, so put the shingling off for another day, still puttering away with the house and garage joints and boxing in the end gable. Made a quick trip into town for some flashing this morning, on the way home came on a transport pulled over with lights flashing. Slowed down as I approached, there was a huge black bear dead on the shoulder of the road just behind the truck. They usually just keep on trucking, must have caused some damage to the truck. Where's your camera when you need it. lol.

So here is a book that some may find better old time fireside reading than useful. I would disagree there are lots of good ideas here with some imaginative updating. "Handyman's Workshop And Laboratory" was compiled from "Scientific American" magazine and published by Munn and Co. Inc. It is a large volume at 504 pages and covers a large variety of workshop activities woodwork, metalwork, electrical, laboratory chemistry, model making and others.

This information is from another time so much care must be taken with some of the chemistry stuff, modern methods may have deemed old methods unsafe.

There are plans for a great little shed workshop, a very interesting pedal powered multi-machine and even a model of a powered Wright Bros. biplane. Lots of interesting old stuff here.

Download "Handyman's Workshop And Laboratory" on my Books - Free Downloads page.