Saturday, August 26, 2017

Let There Be Light

So it was a long day but we did get a lot accomplished. First off I finished the exterior of the new workshop with a second coat of stains.

Added the first coat of stain to the porch soffit.

Let there be light ha, ha. Installed the new light circuit. A relatively smooth and trouble free job, Had to drill very few holes as I routed my cables through both hollow H beams, just a few staples to keep things neat and they are mostly completely out of sight. The old patio quartz light was switched from the garage, so I changed the single pole switch for a three way switch and added another at the house entrance, they control two sets of lights , the old quartz light on the left and a pair of halogen floods on the right. Lots of light from the floods ,not so much from the quartz. If I find I have need for more light I will switch out the old quartz for a couple more floods.