Saturday, August 26, 2017

Pattern Design

Designing good patterns is essential to any home caster making his own parts. Molding, proper metal solidification and finish all depend on properly designed patterns. "Pattern Design" is an excellent book on the subject. I have Lindsay Pub's reprint of the book but for shop use I like large copies that I am not afraid to get dirty, so I found a decent copy from the Internet Archive and loaded it into my word program, centered, cleaned up, and resized and then repackaged in pdf. I don't have the software or ability to white out the background but it does not take away from this excellent book. I printed it off in book form and bound it as described in a previous post. Makes for a nice large, tough copy for shop use.

The book covers the full subject of pattern design and building. There is good coverage of many examples of small patterns useful for the home caster and also covers the methods of producing huge industrial castings such as a 50 ton, hydraulic press. head casting or huge pump and turbine housings.
There is a very nice chapter on match plate work for low cost production work, for the caster who is going to make multiple castings of an item.

You can download "Pattern Design" on my Books - Free Downloads page.

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