Thursday, August 17, 2017

Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1953

Better late than never here are  the shop notes for 1953. There were few large plans in the issues this year, but lots of short 1 page shop accessories plans, included here are plans for a cone mandrel, lathe mounted wood shaper, tapping jig, speed changer, grinder tool rest, automatic punch, and others. Some good articles on wheels for power tools, plane know-how and molding planes and scrapers, shaper jigs for end cuts, and clamps for work holding.

I wasn't going to include a plan for a very heavy duty drill press, but even if you never plan to build one it is an interesting article. Its made from old auto parts, a Ford Model-A and a 38 Chev. If I had access to an old scrap yard I might consider scrounging the parts for this beast.

Here's the link to download Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1953.