Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1954

Well the forecast was all wrong, poured all morning, no concrete today and I am stuck inside till after lunch at least. Decided to relax and upload a couple of files instead.

I made up the PM file over the weekend, so will get it up early this week. In the 1954 highlights  you will find plans for a large capacity jigsaw, it uses a small engine block but a salvaged small compressor block will do just as well, a great welding table that I will build a larger version of when my new workshop is all set up. Great plans for a small lathe index attachment, circle cutting tool, locating faceplate and others. You will also find some nice articles on metal spinning, and casting custom designed plastic knife handles.

Hope there is something here for everyone. To download click the link, Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1954.