Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1955

Not to many plans in the 1955 issues but some nice articles. There's a nice article on turning wood balls (for your croquet set for example) on your wood lathe. A good introduction to wrought iron work (mild steel nowadays), another on reamers, counterbores and countersinks, one on grinding tool bits for your metal lathe and a very informative article on table saw alignment. If you make up your own bandsaw blades there is an article on silver soldering  your own blades including jigs.

For plans there is a plan for making your own T-bolts and clamps, a nice saw filer for extending the life of your non carbide saw blades and a unique hand shaper for generating accurate  metal surfaces, you have probably seen this plan before as it has been profusely circulated around the web.

I am due for some R & R and a few road trips, so I will not be uploading next weeks PM highlights, but it will be back the following week.

In the meantime here are a couple of pictures of a recent road trip to Thunder Bay. The sleeping giant is a land formation on the sibley peninsula across the harbor from the city of Thunder Bay. It's a hazy view but you can see the outline of the giant in the distance.

From the harbor

And from a higher point at a city park.

Quite a few years ago my son and I did a camping trip to the sleeping giant provincial park on the sibley peninsula. I have found it one of the better camping experiences in Ontario. Miles of challenging hiking trails, wildlife, breathtaking views and nice sand beaches.

On this trip my son and I decided to climb the trail to the top of the giant. We could have driven to the base of the trail but decided to hike the trail that climbs up and down the full length of the giant before making the climb to the high point. It was a full days hike and we were sore for two days afterwards, but felt very satisfying.

Starting the climb

Climbing the chimney

Almost there, starting to look tired 

At the top, over to 2000 ft. to the surface of the water, to hazy to get a view of the city across the bay. This picture is looking towards the foot of the giant at the tip of the peninsula and the entrance to the bay and harbor.

Hope you liked this little trip.