Sunday, August 6, 2017

Shingling A Roof

Stayed cold and overcast all day, made it a day of rest except for a little exercise. Placed all the shingles on the roof ready for installation. Tip: for manual placement (lacking a forklift or loader) place them early in the morning or on a cool day, 70 lbs up a ladder is allot easier when they are stiff than when soft and flopping around.

A little roofing math, one shingle bundle covers 32.3 sq. ft. thats the same as one sheet of plywood or osb. One bundle also contains 68 linear ft. of shingles, I reduce this number to an even 50 ft. to account for waste ( you will get some waste, less than most contractors if you cut and utilize the left over after each row) you will require double coverage at the starting edge and the finishing row on shed roofs, triple on gable type roofs. I have 36 ft. of starting and finishing edge. All the edges will first get a layer of roofing paper.

So heres what we have.
16 sheets of osb = 16 bundles of shingles
36' of edge = 1 bundle of shingles 
So 17 bundles of shingles will do the job with a little left over.
The two sloping edges will also get double coverage, I have 3/4 of a bundle left over from other jobs to cover this.

So hopefully I will get the work done tomorrow that I didn't do yesterday and today, and start on the shingles Tuesday.