Friday, August 25, 2017

Supplies Recharged, Apron Form Removed

Went out to my material storage shed this morning, came back out sweating and shaking with heart palpitations, all I could find was the plywood and white pine I am saving for some kitchen and bathroom cabinet work I am planning. Jumped in my truck and raced into town to alleviate my condition.

Aw that feels much better, LOL. Joking aside I will need some of this to complete the door ideas I plan and to make up the lattice panels for the porch. The 6 X 6 I have left in the photo below will be used to make up a stump style stand for my RR anvil.

Removed the form on the apron this afternoon. Weather has been unusually cool for this time of year so the drying and curing is going slow, thats good for the finished strength. The load of crushed stone I got makes excellent concrete, just the right mix of fines to coarse material and it was very clean, no organic material to muck things up. Its a shame I have to spread the half load left on the lane way but I am developing a soft spot, so that is where it will have to go.