Friday, September 1, 2017

Book Review: The Lost City Of The Monkey God

So my favorite R&R activity is catching up on my reading, and this book certainly got me going. Started it yesterday and just finished it, couldn't put it down. The Mosquitia region of Honduras remains one of the very few scientifically unexplored regions of the world. For hundreds of years rumors of a lost city and an advanced civilization in this area have abounded. Since the 1800's various characters have attempted to find it without success.

Flash forward, a team of devoted believers manage to convince the operators of an advanced laser mapping technology called Lidar to map 3 areas where they believed the lost city might be located. The results where astounding, they found what they believed to be the ruins of two huge cities which thrived in pre-columbian times and suddenly disappeared 500 hundred years ago.

A large team was assembled including the author of this book with the intention of putting boots on the ground to explore this lost corner of history.

The book covers a lot of historical information in the process of recounting the teams harrowing experience on the ground. The writing is fast paced and entertaining. A real life page turner. Enjoy.

Here are some pictures and the first two pages of the book. It was published this year by Hachette Book Group Inc. and is available everywhere.

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