Sunday, September 24, 2017

Door Guides

Stupid hot and humid today, guess better late than never for summer. The paint I applied yesterday needs to harden up a little more. Decided to work on the door guides.

First I cut the slot in the door header for the drum to feed the door through. This would have been better done when I was building the header, but I had not considered adding a door then (imagination will get you in trouble every time lol). I used my saws-all with a course metal cutting blade to cut through the ends of the 4" spikes I used to build the header. It cut fast enough but working over your head, it was hard to maintain a straight line. The humidity fogged up my goggles so I couldn't see, so I had to wear my welding helmet and by the time I was finished I was tarred and feathered with sweat and sawdust lol. Spent an hr. tapering back the top edges and cleaning it up. Not bad, could be worse.

Next I cut, tapered and installed the two outside door guides. The opening in the header is 1 1/2" wide. The door is a little under 3/4" thick. With the door closed, the drum will be lined up so the inside edge of the door is close to the inside edge of the opening in the header. With the door fully raised the drum will have a little over 1 1/2 wraps moving the outside edge of the door close to the outside edge of the opening in the header.

The outside side guides are 2" wide and tapered 3/8" for the top 12 ". The inside guide will be the same, so at the top the gap will match the opening in the header and taper to 3/4" a foot below the header. This will keep the door snug and hopefully prevent any hangups in its operation.

So that was it for today, humidity just over the top, decided a cold one and a football game on the tube would be more fun. So I will finish the side guides tomorrow, apply some stain, and start installing some hardware.