Friday, September 29, 2017

Making Up 5 Wire Cable

I mentioned yesterday that I made up 5 wire cable to run the motor in forward and reverse, I will elaborate here. Firstly be warned this is probably not approved by local codes. In my opinion this hack is tougher and safer than 5 wire lumex if it was available, I have never seen it in hardware or building stores though I am sure something similar is available through an industrial supplier.

 In the first picture are the materials needed, on the left,# 14/3 lumex, on top 3/4" wire loom (note this cable will be run inside the wall, for surface mounting armored sheathing or conduit is required), and on the right is a coil of heavy sheathed # 14 deep well wire. The color is yellow and will be used as the blue cable in the wiring diagram.

Cut the lengths required.

Do a well spaced wrap of the lumex with the well wire and tape the ends, I like this neat so I do a loose wrap with tape as well.

Add the wire loom, wrap 3 or 4 turns of electrical tape every 12" or so to keep things tight. And thats it 5 wire cable.