Friday, September 29, 2017

Motorized The Roll-Up Door

So its been a long day but we got her done. Didn't start in the shop till after lunch, installed the motor, belt, and pulleys. Ran a circuit from my garage sub-panel. Made up a 5 wire, including ground, cable from the motor to the switch box, Drilled out a salvaged electrical box to accept the switches and installed.

Getting late at this point but decided to wire the motor and switches. The motor went fine the switches seemed fine too till I turned the power on and tried it. The breaker tripped right away. I disconnected the 3 way switch and took it inside to ponder over supper and a couple of cups of coffee. This is the problem with working with salvaged equipment, they don't come with wiring diagrams but with a little bit of knowledge you can usually figure it out. I looked over my diagram and found the problem, I was short circuiting by connecting the motor live and neutral wires to the same side as the forward and reverse wires. Went back out and reconnected the switch.

Turned the power back on after closing up the box. Selected a position on the 3 way switch and hit the deadman switch, away it went, smooth and quiet, belt runs smoothly and true without any pulley wobble. Timed the drum revolutions to 2 in 10 seconds so from closed to fully open will be closer to 9 seconds.

I deleted the wiring diagram posted earlier and replaced it with the revised wiring diagram for those interested. Here are some pictures.

I have yet to touch up the paint on the box and mark the switch positions.

Hopefully get started assembling the door tomorrow, oops thats today actually lol.