Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Porch Lattice and Door Installed

Well back at it. Finishing up odds and ends on the porch, made up some trim and installed, stained and added the lattice yesterday. Started on the half hight door, finished stained and installed today, operates perfectly. Its another frame and panel construction similar to the rolling door. We will see how much blowing snow we get this winter, if it turns out to much like work, I will build a top half to operate with or independent of the bottom half. Here are some pictures.

The two herons that visited earlier this summer have made my property part of there daily foraging area, spending 2 or 3 hours after sunrise here every day. Must be the carpets of grass hoppers we have this year.

So one more door to go. I am still kicking around ideas for the new garage/workshop front entry. I want good cross ventilation down to floor level so I don't get heavier than air fumes building up at floor level. A modified side rolling door would work but I don't have the side clearance. So I am playing with some roll-up door ideas.