Friday, September 22, 2017

Roll-Up Door Brackets

Put a good day in the shop today. Completed the brackets to operate the roll-up door and assembled all the hardware for the installation.

Here I used my portable vises to try out the assembly. Thats a 1/2" pipe in place of the 1" shaft and roll-up drum.

Another view.

Back view. I was originally going to go with 3 lag bolts (like the center bolt), to mount the brackets to the 6 X 6 posts. I was afraid that over time they may loosen and pull out under pressure. I decided to make up some extra long bolts with 5/8" ready rod. The nuts are welded on one end and I made up extra large heavy washers. These will bolt through the complete post and make the bracket mounting as solid as the post itself.

It goes without saying that alignments are going to be far from dead on, on such a large assembly. Fortunately self aligning flange bearings are very forgiving. One alignment that needs to be quite close is the shaft to worm gear coupling, for this I left room on the worm gear shelf to add shims for alignment.

You will notice I did not round off the bottom of the worm drive bracket like the other side. This is so that if this works out and I decide to motorize the drive later I can drill and tap this area for an adjustable motor mount.

So paint and more stain tomorrow and hopefully do the installation and assembly Sunday and Monday.