Sunday, September 3, 2017

Top Hung Sliding Door

So I got through a couple of books but the sirens call from the workshop was too enticing. The back entrance to the fresh air workshop is the most vulnerable to snow drifting, since it faces west so I figured I better do it first. I decided to go with a top hung sliding door because it requires little space to operate and will not interfere with vehicle parking or workshop activities while still providing a large 5' entry.

It is a frame and panel construction with resin lattice on top and 5/8" G1S plywood on the bottom. The frame joints are corner half laps and tee half laps. The lattice is inset into 1/4" X 1" grooves and the ply panel into 5/8" X 1" grooves.

The first picture is all the frame members cut lapped and grooved I also applied stain to the lattice section to avoid making a mess of the lattice later.

Here the door is assembled. Spread copious amounts of glue on all the corner and tee joints. Applied the clamps to keep everything tight and square and put 5 drywall screws in each joint. Sometimes I do get lucky ha ha, both diagonals were bang on when I measured for squareness.

First coat of stain applied and drying. Notice the stained rail above the door, it is not level. This is so that when the door is closed the bottom will be adjusted close to the floor but when you open the door it will rise to 1/2" above the floor to avoid hangups.

I considered using welded angle iron for the top rail but decided it would be overkill for a door this size. Instead I chose a clear fir 2 X 4 and ripped it down to 1 1/2" X 2" actual and cut a rebate deep enough to accept a steel flat bar and still have a lip to keep the wheels on track.

I will be using 2, 1" wide powder formed metal casters welded to 2 brackets to hang the door off of. If I get them welded up tomorrow, I'll post a couple of pics.

So I still have at least 3 books I'd like to read "Collapse" by Jared Diamond, "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins, and "Grave New World" By Stephen King (not that Stephen King) but I think the only way to resist the workshop is to take that road trip, lol.