Friday, October 6, 2017

Finishing Touches

So I got the new garage/workshop cleaned up and finished. In the process I also removed the low light quartz fixture and replaced it with a dual light fixture and installed LED floods and LED - GE "bright stiks" in all the shops and storage areas except for the house attached shops which have installed florescent fixtures. Great improvement, much more light and greatly reduced power consumption. I use battery and inverter power for short power outages rather than starting my back-up generator. This will allow me to work in the shops without dragging the batteries down to quickly.

The shop cleaned up nice here are some pictures. In the first one is the rubber wrap I installed on the bottom of the door to protect the bottom edge and the door cable retainers.

Cleaned up nice in this picture, big space.

With the truck parked in it's new parking space, no need to pull the mirrors in here. I think it will be used for parking only in winter under freezing rain or ice storm conditions. The area in front of the new garage/ workshop is now protected on three sides with high eaves to direct the weather over the space, ideal for parking. (If your wondering about the spots on the floor, thats not oil, lol, I washed the truck before moving it in,still dripping.)

Just enough room to operate the yard tractor and snowblower without moving the truck.

The new parking spot for the yard tractor.

With the yard tractor now out of the outdoor equipment shed, I removed the doors for better access. There is room to store tools that I can pull out to use in the larger space when needed and lots more room to work at my repair bench. The two GE-LED "bright stiks" provide twice the light the two previous incandescent floods did at 1/8th the power draw.

So two more shops to clean up and I can start with my firewood. Cheers.


Its dark now took a couple of pictures to compare with the night time pic. I took a while back. First pic. big beautiful harvest moon tonight.

If you recall in my "let there be light" post I was running 2 - 90 watt halogen floods and 1 - 150 watt quartz, for a total of 330 watts. In this picture I am running 4 - 13 watt LED floods, for a total of 52 watts. Twice the light for much,much less power. Awesome.