Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Lots Of Shop Space

So I got my tractor parts from Sears yesterday. I had my doubts but they came through, though everything is now non-returnable, so they are clearing out their warehouses. Installed the new fuel tank and reassembled the tractor. Now that it is not critical I will try my hand at plastic welding, to repair the old tank sometime.

Here the tractor with deck and old tank removed.

New tank installed.

Deck reinstalled and tank filled. Ready for another 16 years, ha ha, I hope. It's snowing today with a light breeze, to check the air movement through the new garage/workshop I run the tractor for an hr. with a CO detector in the space. Remained clear indicating good air movement.

So I now have more shop space than I know what to do with, ha ha. The open air garage/workshop will handle vehicle repairs and winter parking and in summer can be used for forge and casting work as well as welding grinding and similar rough work.

The old workshop/garage is now a devoted shop space. The main space is 16' X 30' and though crowded along the walls with equipment, some in various states of rebuild, when cleaned up still leaves a huge center space for project building.

The door at the back of the space in the picture below leads into a 12' X 16' room, currently used for storage. It will eventually be a dedicated space for forge and casting work. Before that happens both areas will be insulated, sheathed and heated. The plan is for baseboard electrics set to 40*-45*F and a wood stove that can be fired up when the shops are in use.

Famous last words, I think I now have all the shop space I will ever need, ha ha. There is still a lot of work to call it all complete, but that is just an ongoing project thats part of the fun. 

I am in no rush but I will putter away at the Startrite saw rebuild next. Hopefully finish before the real cold weather sets in.