Monday, October 23, 2017

Odds And Ends Continued

So I finished the firewood for this year. I figured the firewood cutting frame wood require some repair work after a number of years of use but it has held up beautifully, it remains tight and solid.

My outdoor wood pile is getting depleted. It will need to get built up again before next years cut. Hopefully if we don't get buried in snow in November, I can build up the pile, better now than in the spring.

I am looking at rebuilding my Startrite saw as my next project. Startrite saws are built in the UK and sold in North America by Sterling Machinery Inc. It will handle work up to 9 X 12 and is quite robust with a 3/4 HP motor and press. cutting lubrication. Parts are still available but I am hoping I can refab. any problems I run into. It is amazing my little 4.5 X 6 Busy Bee import is still running after all the material and abuse I have subjected it to, over the course of 15 years. This larger saw should extent it's life by limiting the heavier work to the larger saw.

Here are a couple of better pictures as it is now. First job will be to disassemble the complete saw to examine bearings, worm drive and frame components, to get a good idea of wear I stand.

To update my fuel tank repair, yesterday I learned, gasoline in contact with glue stick material makes napalm. lol. I let the tractor sit with the tank a little less than half full and checked the repair on a daily basis. On the fifth day the repair started to feel soft. The next morning (yesterday) my fingers were damp with gasoline when I checked. Disassembled the tractor again and removed the fuel tank. On examination the glue had started to turn into a jelly, saturated with gasoline. This is how napalm ends up after mixing gasoline with a soap based compound.

On a brighter note I managed to get a hold of Sears parts department this morning and ordered a new fuel tank and ignition switch, the old switch occasionally cuts out. They say 5-7 days, were hoping.

So my old knees tell me it's time for a little break, now the firewood is done. I don't usually read fiction any more but Dan Brown's new book "Origin" is out and it sounds compelling. Should be a good read in front of a warm fire.