Sunday, October 1, 2017

Roll-Up Door (Almost Complete)

So I got the roll-up door almost complete yesterday. There were problems, which I will detail after some pictures

Door assembly complete and closed.

Excuse the quality of the inside pictures, focusing into sunlight is giving me dark interiors. The view from inside.

The door half open.

The view from inside.

And the view from outside with door in the full open position.

And the inside view.

Now for the problems. I adjusted the interior guides by 1/8" so sticking is no longer a problem, all slats have free movement. The motor is a 1/2 hp Asian motor, and underpowered. Initially it was stalling and would not last if I continued. The worm gear is rated to 3/4 hp which I have a number of, but none are reversible. To lighten the door I removed the bottom steal bar, since sticking is not a problem and replaced it with short ready rod with lock washers for cable retainers. This bottom edge will be protected with a rubber rap or skirt for weather protection.

This helped, the motor no longer stalls but it is still laboured and will eventually overheat. So what to do. Market doors use springs and counterweights. I will try something with a counterweight system. Post pictures later if I make any headway today.