Monday, November 13, 2017

How To Run A Metal Working Shaper

"How To Run A Metal Working Shaper" by South Bend Lathe Works is a classic that has been around a long time. It is available for download on many sites around the web. I got this original copy from Lindsey Publications many years ago. I scanned it into my word program to center and enlarge and converted it to pdf. It is a larger file but I will be able to print it of in large format for a bound copy for the shop.

Shapers as they say, "are machines of the past", other machines such as modern mills can do most of the jobs a shaper can. Large industrial models are still common in the used and scrap market but small home shop sized machines are rare and expensive, when you do find them. There are operations that a shaper can do in the home shop that would require equipment beyond the price of most home hobbyists, set-ups are quick and require no special tooling. I would love to have a small home shaper. The few that I have seen, have parts missing and are priced much higher than my modest shop budget would allow. I haven't given up though, one day when I can justify the time, I want to build a version of D. Gingery's shaper.

To download "How To Run A Metal Working Shaper" go to my Books - Free Downloads page. # 31 - 14 MB - pdf