Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1965

The worst part of global weather changes up here is the transition from fall to winter conditions. It used to happen relatively quickly, nowadays it lingers for a couple of months. When I worked in the south that is what I hated the most about the weather, now its followed me up here. lol. The problem is the constant and quick changes from rain to freezing rain, sleet and snow that can happen. 6" of wet snow that suddenly freezes into crusty snow and ice is a pain in the rear to clean up, right after you clean it up, it warms up and melts, so you can do it all over again. lol.

Anyway here is this weeks PM shop notes. At this point PM is not calling them "Shop Notes" anymore, that ended back in 1962.

This weeks distillation starts off with an easy "nutcracker" style knurler, followed by a grinding set-up for gemstones. This is followed by a kit based model makers lathe. You can't get the castings kit anymore, but the small simple castings are easy inspiration for the small home caster.

There are plans for two interesting model engines, an elbow and a solonoid engine. For someone in need of small amounts of low press. compressed air, there is an interesting little saber saw compressor and many plans for small jigs and fixtures, like a band saw brazing fixture and a filling roller guide.

For the woodworker there are router jigs for easy dovetailing, and a plan for making your own hand screw clamps.

There is a large article on binding your own damaged books. A bit of a lost art, but very useful, if like me, you collect old books. I have paid an old timer, set up in Madoc Ont., for rebinding many of my older books.

And lastly there is a plan for building a nice easy 2" X 48" belt sander/grinder.

Please click Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1965 to download. 4.4 MB - pdf