Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1966

Another week has melted away. Is time speeding up or is it just my age? Ha ha. The Popular Mechanics magazine in 1966 is starting to change, there are less plans for DIY shop machines. Advertisements for all the new shop machines and tools being built are taking up more and more magazine space. There are more woodworking projects to build with all those new tools and electronics projects ( which are obsolete today, with the advent of digital tech.) are much more popular. There are some very interesting projects like a table top printing press. but it too has become obsolete with the advent of computer printing.

I did manage to come up with 34 pages of projects that may still garner some interest. The first is a nice little sheet metal former (slip roll), it requires some machining, but if you incorporate some of Vincent Gingery's methods in his slip roll build, you may be able to get away without it (message me for more info). There is a plan for a nibbler attachment for your jig saw. For the wood turner a beautiful antique reproduction of a vertical spinning wheel, a very useful shrink plate for the shop and a self reading O.D. shop gauge. There is a double duty sander setup for your drill press., a plan for chip shields for milling machines, and a versatile lathe brake that can be operated from 3 positions.

Xmas is coming and for the artist in your life, there is a plan that will make any artist very happy. I have seen many plans for easels but this "Ultimate Easel" tops the list.

Click Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1966 to download. 2.4 MB - pdf