Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1964

In the 1964 shop notes highlights find first a nice plan for a drill powered belt and disk sander. Next a plan for a lathe router attachment that will do fluting in the lathe and nice smooth repeatable turning. To compliment the earlier wood clock upload, there is a nice plan for a all wood early Swiss clock. There are some nice jig plans, one a great disk sanding jig and another a hand drill drilling jig.

For the metalworker there is a unique spot welding gun that uses the arc process. A nice plan for a dual burner melting furnace that will melt 10 lbs of metal up to 2000*F. There is a plan for a lathe tail stock spindle adapter and another unique plan for a roller action sheet metal brake. The brake plan comes with a nice article on its use and there is a nice long article on heat treating in the home shop.

Lots of short article jigs and tricks.

To download click Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1964. 3.5 MB pdf