Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Startrite Hydraulic Feed Installed

Another late post today, completed the saw hydraulic feed today. I started by draining and flushing the old oil out of the cylinder and blowing out the control tubing. I then cleaned up the cylinder, painted it, and set it near the wood stove to dry. Meanwhile I cleaned up the control valve and tubing and installed on the head. The valve handle had been broken and they replaced it with a plastic disk that looked awful. I dug through my stores and found a suitable handle and installed.

When the cylinder was dry enough to handle I installed it on the saw and connected the fittings except for the fill screws at the top of the cylinder. I filled the system with fresh hydraulic oil and closed it up. With the control valve open I raised the head, I then closed the valve, the head remained locked in the raised position. Checked for leaks, everything good, cracked the valve open and the head slowly started to lower onto the vise base, open the valve wider, feed speeds up, cut the valve back, feed slows down. Great, the feed works perfectly. Here are a few pictures.

Raised position.

The control valve.

Lowered position.

I will install the counterweight spring next to make the head easier to raise and take some load off the hydraulic system and continue from there.